WP(1.1) Survey current Education Quality criteria and KPIs worldwide 

The objective of this survey is to map the different quality standards worldwide with that implemented in Egypt by the National Authority for Quality Assurance and Accreditation in Egypt (NAQAAE) to have a better understanding of the structure of the education quality systems worldwide and spot the areas that are mostly common and those that are unique to the Egyptian ecosystem. This will help a lot in identifying the processes at each EG partner university that are mostly relevant to the common global criteria and that are most imminent at each university and in need for improvement and are significantly affecting the identification of the relevant academic processes.



WP(1.2) Survey Campus Automation Systems and Cross-Link with Education Quality Systems Worldwide

The report includes the existing management systems currently implemented by seven universities in the project consortium. The survey aims at:

  • Providing the current status of management systems at EG partner universities.
  • Presenting best practice of management systems.
  • Exploring innovative ideas and facilitating technology transfer between different universities especially from EU universities to EG universities.



WP(1.2) Management Information Systems (MIS) installed In Governmental Universities

MIS is managed and operated by ICTP. The system serves government universities and is composed of four main modules: Student affairs, Staff Affairs, Post graduate Affairs, and Culture relation Relationship Affair.



WP(1.3) Report on the Internal Stakeholders’ Survey Developed and Carried Out in Suez Canal University

The survey inquired about the automated services required from undergraduate students, post graduate students and staff members.