Ain Shams University

Tamer Elnady

Tamer Elnady, B.Sc. (1997) and M.Sc. (2000) from Ain Shams University in Mechanical Engineering, and a Ph.D. (2004) in Technical Acoustics from the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm, Sweden. Currently working as a Professor of Acoustics at the Faculty of Engineering, Ain Shams University. He is the Head of ASU Sound & Vibration Laboratory at Ain Shams University, Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs, and President of the Acoustical Society of Egypt. He has participated in more than 40 international and national research and educational projects funded by different funding agencies, in the field of education, sound and vibration and virtual reality. A member of the council of advisors for Egyptian President for Education and Scientific Research. Worked for two years at the Ministry of Education responsible for the Exploratory Centers for Science and Technology. He is an expert in Duct Acoustics, one of the developers of SIDLAB Software for the simulation of sound propagation in duct systems. Working as a consultant for several companies in Europe, USA, Egypt and Gulf in the field of Muffler Design, Noise Control, and Environmental Acoustics modelling.

Adel Elsabbagh

Dr. Adel Elsabbagh received his B.Sc. and M.Sc. from Ain Shams University. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Maryland, College Park. He is currently a Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Ain Shams University. His research interests are in Mechanical Vibrations, Wind Energy, Design of Wind Turbines, Topology Optimization, e-Laboratories, Virtual Reality.

Ahmed Samy Mohamed Hosny Elakkad

Ahmed is an assistant professor in the design and production engineering department at ASU where he has been a faculty member since 2008. PhD in design and production engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Ain Shams University (June 2015). M.Sc. in design and production engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Ain Shams University (Oct 2010). Ahmed is teaching technical writing and engineering measurements and metrology. Ahmed role in ASRP project is sharing in quality assurance activities and putting some of the standard operating procurers of the different processes.

Nessren Mohamed Zamzam

Nessren is an assistant professor in the design and production engineering department at ASU where she has been a faculty member since 2010. She is teaching engineering economy, engineering management, quality control and quality systems courses. She took total quality management and quality service courses in 2012. Nessren has been involved as quality assurance member in Tempus project in industrial engineering and management science in 2013. Nessren role in ASRP project is sharing in quality assurance activities and putting some of the standard operating procurers of the different processes

Mohamed Atef Sayed

Mohamed Atef is an Assistant Lecturer in Design and Production department, Faculty of Engineering, he has joined Ain Shams University in 2015. Atef is holding bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering (Major: Design and Production) from Faculty of Engineering – Ain Shams University (ASU), Master of Science in Materials science from Ain Shams University in 2017 and Now, Doing PhD studies in Waste Management at ASU. Atef has a multi-disciplinary academic/research experience in Materials science and its properties, Structure of materials and Waste Management. He is working to insert and integrate different industrial and natural wastes in the formation of sustainable novel materials to contribute in real-life applications. Through his work as an Assistant Lecturer, he gained an extensive experience in dealing with EU-Collaborative projects such as ERASMUS MUNDUS, ERASMUS + and TEMPUS. The role in ASRP focuses on constructing of all ASU processes, its automation and different activities of the project. In addition to participating in the project’s activities related to quality assurance. On the other hand, he also contributes in preparing automated Quality Management System for the faculty of Engineering – ASU.

Sherif El-Nabarawy

He obtained his BSc. Degree in Software Engineering from the Faculty of Computers and Information. He was involved in several projects in the fields of engineering and education with many Egyptian & European organizations and universities, which developed his extensive experience in variety of things from programming technical engineering applications with a wide range of technologies, to managing efficiently different software projects. He has a record of successful achievements along with his team in the VR and 3D scanning technologies, one of them was the participation in the international scanning mission “ScanPyramids” that discovered the big void corridor inside the Pyramid of Khufu, which has been acknowledged in a paper published the scientific journal “Nature”.

Haitham Ahmed

Web develpment team leader at CVS3, BSc in computer science (2012), He worked in the feild of web applications development for over six years, Three years of them at CVS3, participating, building , and supporting the software development process of many projects in different feilds with Egyptian and European organizations.

Mohamed Gamal

BSc in computer science (2013), He worked in the feild of web applications development for over three years, one year of them at CVS3, participating, building , and supporting the software development process of many projects in different feilds with Egyptian and European organizations.

Nour Fouad

Nour Fouad is the senior graphic designer of CVS3, Faculty of engineering, Ainshams university. She held this role for the past 3 and half years. Joining CVS3 in 2016, Nour quickly became solely responsible for creating visual concepts, printings, logos design, UI/UX and graphics for e-Learning activities and websites In this role, Nour Redesigned faculty of Engineering, Ainshams University logo and identity, created a new brand identity for Suez National Museum, as well as UI and graphics for Suez National Museum application. Born and raised in Cairo, Nour earned her bachelor’s degree in arts from Ainshams University.

Ahmed Ibrahim

Frontend developer at CVS3, Faculty of engineering, Ain Shams University. BSc in computer and information science (2019), He worked in the feild of web applications development for over two years, building web themes responsively and applying ui/ux & Clean Code Principles using modern frameworks like angular and vuejs.

National Authority for Quality Assurance and Accreditation of Education

Maha F. Rashwan

Dr. Maha Rashwan is the Technical office Director at the Egyptian National Authority for Quality Assurance & Accreditation of Education"NAQAAE " , she graduated medical school with honors in 1991- Suez Canal University, completed MSC of pathology in 1998, had her PhD in pathology in 2004 and was appointed lecturer of pathology in the Faculty of Medicine -Suez Canal University . As an educator, She was involved in various educational aspects in FOMSCU where she co- established the MCQ committee and MCQ Bank; headed the evaluation and monitoring committee and participated in establishing the quality assurance unit and held the post of its deputy director (2007). In 2008 she was recruited by NAQAAE (then, a newly established governmental authority for accreditation of education) as a consultant in setting quality assurance and accreditation standards for higher education, and continued working with NAQAAE since 2008 as "Technical Office Director" . Through this post, she was responsible for drafting the initial versions of other standards issued by NAQAAE including ( accreditation of open and distance learning programs, accreditation of e learning, good practices in internal quality assurance) . As a life long learner, she had her Masters in medical education offered Jointly by Maastricht and Suez-Canal universities on March 2010, graduating top of class. Dr. Rashwan is registered as an international quality consultant in the Asian Pacific Quality Network (APQN) database for international consultants and is a HAQAA ambassador on the African level. She is also a member of the National Task force that has set the national career guidance policy (2009), a member of the national technical team for establishing a Euro-Mediterranean Regional Qualification Framework (2010-2013), a member of the committees that set the 3rd edition of accreditation standards for Higher education institutes2016, Universty Accreditation standards 2017, and the NARS-Medicine 2017, and she is the technical project leader of the Egyptian National Qualifications Framework.

University of Oviedo

Rafael Rosillo

Rafael Rosillo is a lecturer in Business Management at University of Oviedo. He got the Ph.D. in Business Management at University of Oviedo. He also has a MBA and a degree in Computer Engineering. His researches are focused on artificial intelligence, stock markets, forecasting and supply chain. He has collaborated like visiting researcher in John Moores University (Liverpool) and University College of Dublin. He is author of several publications in different national and international journals and chapters of books. He has participated in several international scientific conferences and several research projects. He also has participated as team member in Erasmus+ projects.

Constantina Álvarez Peña

Constantina Álvarez Peña received her degree in Engineering from the National University of Mar del Plata, Argentina. Obtaining her Ph.D degree from the University of Oviedo, Spain, where she is a professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering, Computer Electronics and Systems, Knowledge Area of Electronic Technology from 1988. Worked in the field of Bioengineering, Microcontrollers, Mechatronics and Renewable Energy. Enter the world of collaboration with international universities in terms of both mobility and international project management. Has been academic coordinator of European projects such as ERASMUS MUNDUS ACTION 2: Mediterranean Area for Science Technology and Research. Coordinator of TEMPUS PROGRAMS A1: a) Advanced Engineering Systems: Bridging the Gap between Academia and Industry, b) Academic-Industry Partnership towards Development of Trainers and Educators for Technicians in Egypt, c) Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences: new Posgraduate Programs. Also, coordinator of ERASMUS+ CAPACITY BUILDING IN HIGHER EDUCATION - CBHE: a) Integrating Blended Entrepreneurial and Manufacturing Technology Competency into Socioeconomic Development in Egypt, b) Integrating Suporting the Professionalisation of Health Engineering Studies and Related Areas in Asia. Collaborating in other Tempus: Clean Energy and Research in Enviromental Studies, and CBHEs: a) Smart Control Systems for Energy Management: New MSc Degree, b) International E-based Diploma and Professional Certificates in Special Education and Inclusion, c) Innovative lifelong e-learning for professional engineers, d) Academic System Resource Planning: A Fully-Automated Smart Campus. Founding member and coordinator of the MASTER ERASMUS MUNDUS in Mechatronics Engineering EU4M with more than 10 years duration.

Staffordshire University

Abdel Hamid Soliman

Abdel Hamid Soliman is an Associate Professor of Signal Processing and Telecommunications, he has joined Staffordshire University in 2001. Dr Soliman is holding Bachelor’s degree in electronic and telecommunications from Arab Academy for Science and Technology, Masters of Science in Smart Data Acquisition Systems from Alexandria University and the Ph.D. Dr Soliman has a multi-disciplinary academic/research experience in digital signal processing, telecommunications, data acquisition systems, wireless sensor networks (WSN), Internet of Things (IoT). He is working to harness and integrate different technologies towards implementing smart systems to contribute to smart cities and real-life applications. His research activities are not limited to the national level within the United Kingdom but are internationally extended to many partner Universities in various countries. His research has produced over 60 refereed papers. In addition to his research activities, he is involved in several enterprise projects and consultancy activities for national and international companies. Since 2007 he has been leading and involved in several externally funded projects om national, European and international levels totalling more than £20M. He is an associate editor in IEEE ACCESS Journal and a regular reviewer in several respected Journals and Conferences. Dr Soliman’s work has been recognised through several awards such as: Lord Stafford award “Impact through Innovation”, for Designing and developing a smart monitoring and controlling system for diabetic people. The AWM ICT Excellence awards for “Best Knowledge Transfer project” category, for Designing and developing an electronic bladder diary, and UHNS “Clinical Innovation” award, for Designing and developing an online multimedia-based training system for surgeons.

Suez Canal University

Ola Farouk Lehita

Prof Ola Lehita is a Professor of Clinical Pathology and is responsible for the Postgraduate studies and research in FOMSCU Excellence in the field of specialization, which is clinical chemistry as well as in the field of medical education and academic quality as she got Diploma in both Medical education and quality management. Also Prof Ola Lehita worked as the manager of Education Development Centre of Suez Canal University. Prof Ola worked as head of academic quality unit in faculty of medicine suez canal university as well as a consultant for academic quality in King Saud University and worked as team members in many self-study and as a reviewer of many institutes in Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

Ghada El-Taweel

Ghada El-Taweel, B.Sc. (1996) from Cairo University and M.Sc. (2000) from Helwan University in computer science. She worked Teaching assistant in computer science dept.-American University in Cairo (1999-2004). Ph.D. (2005) from Cairo University in computer science. (2008-2010) Executive Manager of Quality Assurance Unit- faculty of computers and information -Suez Canal university. Currently working as a Professor at the Faculty of Computers and information Suez Canal University Vice dean of Education and student affairs, Faculty of computers and information, Manager of MIS in SCU. She possesses high time management and organizational skills.

Nehal Lotfy Hamid Khalil

Nehal is an assistant professor in educational psychology department in the faculty of education with an extensive previous experience in managing Tempus and Erasmus plus projects since 2010 till now. My role in ASRP focuses on managing different activities of the project as well as the financial documentation and internal financial audit, in addition to participating in the project’s activities related to quality assurance.

Nile University

Ahmed G.Radwan

Ahmed G. Radwan (SMIEEE, FAAS) is the Vice President for Research, Nile University and Professor in the Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University, Egypt. He was the former center director of NISC–Nile University, and TCCD–Cairo University. Dr. Radwan is selected as a member in the national committee of mathematics, and applied science research council as well as member of the first council of the Egyptian Young Academy of Science, and MC Observer to COST Action CA15225. Dr. Radwan has more than 330 papers, H-index 42, more than 5400 citations and six US patents in several interdisciplinary concepts between mathematics and engineering applications. Dr. Radwan on the top authors worldwide for the two research tracks (T.21555 & T.8806) based on SciVal database. Previously, he was a visiting professor-ECE, McMaster Univ.-Canada [2008–2009], then part of the first research teams of KAUST, KSA [2009 -2011]. Dr. Radwan received the Scopus award in engineering and technology 2019, State first class medal of science and arts, State excellence award 2018, Cairo University excellence award for research 2016, Abdul Hameed Shoman award in basic sciences 2015, State achievements award for research 2012, Prof. Mohamed Amin Lotfy award 2016, Cairo University achievements award 2013, and Prof. Hazem Ezzat best researcher awards Nile University during 2015–2017. He was awarded best thesis supervisor for 4 PhD theses and 3 M.Sc. theses, best paper/poster awards from several international conferences, and the Cairo Univ. international publications award for the top researchers during 2011-2018 individually. He received many research grants from different organizations, founder of the NILES international conference, founder of the “Undergraduate Research Forum”, involved in the TPC of several international conferences, Associate Editor of Journal of Advanced Research , lead/guest editor for different special issues, and has many academic visits in more than 20 countries.

Jilan Hassan

Jilan Hassan is the Vice Provost for Student Affairs at Nile University and acting director of the university core curriculum. Originally a high school MATH teacher, she is a dedicated educationalist. She continued to work as a MATH teacher besides coordinating the family business of importing European machine tools for the Egyptian market. In 2009, she joined Nile University as the coordinator of graduate programs then the assistant to Dean of graduate studies and the coordinator of the undergraduate engineering programs at Nile University. She then assumed the position of Manager of Institutional Planning supporting the Provost and the General Secretary to ensure the effective planning and operation of graduate and undergraduate programs at Nile University new campus (2015-2016). Since 2016, she is the Vice Provost for Student Affairs at Nile University and the acting director of the university core curriculum. At every stage, the roles she assumed involved examining, streamlining and updating many processes at NU. She is also involved in migrating student-related processes to an automated student information system.

Ahmed Abo Bakr Ali

Ahmed Abo Bakr Ali is Innovation HUB Director at Nile University. An embedded system engineer graduated from Mansoura university in (2008), where he masters different skills including project managment, Student activities, student competitions and others. He gained his MSc from Nile university 2017 in an interdisciplinary project (Growth monitoring for fruits and vegetables). The innovation HUB Role is to build up a community between students from different majors to utilize their technical and soft skills. Ahmed is the founder of Nile University Innovation HUB.

Amira Noureldin

Amira Noureldin is Senior Program Coordination Supervisor in the University Core department at Nile University. Ain Shams University graduate. A member of the Nile University ASRP team and university Student Information System project coordinator. Worked on several tasks in the ASRP project including University Management Systems survey and report, university processes, responsible for NU ASRP project documentation and Quality Control, as well as several other tasks related to the automation processes at Nile University.

Tamer HMA Kasem

Dr. Tamer HMA Kasem enjoys a rather diverse engineering background. He obtained his B.Sc. from Aerospace engineering on 2000, worked as a mechanical design engineer for about one year, joined the academic field and obtained his M.Sc. in engineering mathematics on 2005, finished his Ph.D. study in CFD applications to coastal engineering from Japan on 2010. After returning to Egypt he was responsible for the academic quality unit at the Engineering math unit. This was a chance for him to acquire various skills including Mass communication with faculty/administrative members, managing meetings, introduction of quality rules/templates, Fulfilling admin targets (formal documents) with the minimum resources.

Raafat Shalaby

Raafat Shalaby, PhD., is the Director of Mechanical Engineering Program, School of Engineering and Applied Science, Nile University. Dr. Shalaby is a member of the team responsible for the modeling and controlling the ASRP processes which is a part of the ASRP project at Nile university. He participated in the mathematical modeling of the ASRP processes by adopting and analyzing the processes in the state space mode forms, and designed the forms to collect the system and control inputs which enabled the subject matter expertise to add the process measurement variables (PMVs), the process control variables (PCVs), the relative effect of each PCV, PMV and the cost of different PCVs. In January 2020, Dr. Shalaby and the control team have guided the Egyptian partners within the ASRP project to recognize and assimilate the idea behind the modeling of educational processes. He, also, conducted an online workshop with the ASRP team from Suez-canal Uni. to explain how to fill-in different forms required to input the PMVs, PCVs and the related parameters and to help them forming and solving the ASRP as a linear programming optimization problem. Moreover, he contributed in the process of footprint mapping, by which, the correlation between an ASRP process and any key performance indicating system can be calculated. In addition, he contributed in the selection, developing, customizing, applying and testing the model predictive control (MPC) on ASRP processes and the nonlinear MPC as well.

Amr Abo Salem

Amr received his B.Sc. (2011) in Industrial Electronics and Control Engineering from Menofia University and the M.Sc. (2018) in Industrial Electronics and Control Engineering – Mechatronics and Robotics - from Menofia University. He is currently working on his Ph.D. in Industrial Electronics and Control Engineering – Mechatronics and Robotics – at Menofia University. His research interests include Robotics, Mechatronics, Parallel Manipulators, control system, Autonomous Vehicles and Power Electronics. Amr works at Nile University as an instructor in mechanical program at Engineering and Applied Science school. Also, he is now working on Academic System Resource Planning (ASRP) project in many disciplines such as survey for accreditation systems, correlate between accreditation systems and national status (number of universities, HE students, GDP, quality of education index), the Key Performance Indicator (KPI) classification to produce the phase I of the footprint, footprint generation for NAQAAE, Footprint generation for Malaysia, Footprint calculation metrics, distance algorithm preparation, survey for ranking systems (THE, QS, …), prepare the presentation for meetings that covers (accreditation systems - ranking systems - footprint), survey for modeling methods (System Dynamics), survey for closed loop control systems that could be used for linguistic process, initiate the research processes including the Process Control Variable (PCV), Process Measurement Variable (PMV), steps and footprint, processes modeling using state-space model, apply optimization techniques SIMPLEX and.

Ahmed Hassan Yousef

Ahmed Hassan Yousef is the Dean of the Information Technology and Computer Science School, Nile University and a Computer Engineering Professor by profession. In addition, he is the elected Chairman of IEEE, Egypt Section. He was an active member of the ASRP project as one of the responsible team on the validation and verification of performance measurement variables and process control variables. In addition, he attended the workshop in Oviedo University for a week and got many ideas and notes that were implemented later in Nile University academic, research and Information Technology Systems. Moreover, he participated in the process of simplifying the research processes and the work packages of portals and documents/forms management where he suggested a pipeline for prioritizing and developing the forms/documents and the process flows. He is considered one of the early adopting on both the personal and institutional level. These efforts include implementing the renovated automatic faculty evaluation, implementing the manual instructor/teaching assistant evaluation, implementing the school/ Dean evaluation for the first time. Moreover, as a decision maker on the school level, he used many dashboards, developed in ASRP, including the online learning dashboard (used during COVID-19) and the admission dashboards. He provided feedback on each of these systems in order to utilize it to the maximum benefit of the school and the University and to improve it for new use cases that were not well defined at the design time.

Heba Labib

Heba Labib is the Director of Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Competitiveness Center, IECC, at NU and director of NilePreneurs initiative. From 2014 through 2016, she has managed the Technology Commercialization at Nile University. From 2011 through 2014, she was the founder and executive director of NU100, a nationwide entrepreneurship initiative for techpreneurs who have developmental ideas. The initiative resulted in the establishment of 18 companies. In 2007, Ms. Labib had partnered in setting up Palm Paper, a wastepaper recycling mill, where she had played multiple roles in procurement operations and logistics, product development and establishing the company’s sales operations. In 2004 Ms. Labib started Nile’s Gift, a company that processes and exports “Medicinal and Aromatic Plants”. Ms. Labib has won several entrepreneurship awards for the aforementioned businesses from Arab Business Challenge in 2007 in UAE, Business in Development Challenge in 2006, Netherlands, and the Shell “Intelaqah for Best Business Idea” Award in 2005 in Oman. Prior to the aforementioned ventures, Ms. Labib’s experience includes technical procurement for utility trucks components, diligent studies on utilization of rice straw waste to convert to MDF and conducting a research study for the FAO on the “Gender Roles in the Production of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants”. Heba Labib holds a BSc degree in Mechanical Engineering from Oakland University, MI, and an MSc in Management of Technology from Nile University, Egypt, and is currently a PhD Fellow at Nile University.

Ahmed Saleh

Ahmed Saleh is currently the head of Strategy Unit at the Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Competitiveness Center, IECC, at NU. His role involves setting the strategic directions for a nation-wide initiative “Nilepreneurs” to support entrepreneurship and SME development. He has been analyzing the strategies set by different ministries, governmental, development and UN agencies to identify value chain gaps, and deepen local content and transfer of know how. Prior to his current post, Saleh took various roles between project management, technical sales, consulting and technology strategy advising in multi-national companies in the Telecommunication Industry (Nokia, Huawei, and Tektronix). He has strong international experience and worked with clients in Egypt, UK, France, India, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Greece, Portugal, Tanzania, Mozambique, Seychelles, Bahrain, Senegal, Algeria, Tunisia, Finland and Romania. Ahmed Saleh holds a BSc in Electrical, Electronics and Communication Engineering from Cairo University, and finalizing his MSc in Management of Technology at Nile University. He had been certified PMP in addition to a number of technical and business courses such Product Management, Strategic Management, Digital Transformation. Ahmed’s research is focusing on digital transformation strategies for businesses, developing frameworks that guide the transformation agenda within private businesses.

Hesham Sakr

Mr. Hesham Sakr is currently the Head of IT at Nile University. He has more than 20 of IT experience across diverse lines of business. He holds a BSc. Degree in Economics & Social Sciences Computing from Cairo University, a MSc. Degree in Business Information Technology from Middlesex University in the United Kingdom, a Doctor of Information Technology from Greatwood University in the United States and a Diploma in Project Management & Business Management from the International Business Management Institute in Germany. His took part in the ASRP project in developing the ICT processes, preparing Learning Management System (Moodle) report, implementing the ICT-based computerized form of integration and interface with the institutions facilities planning and IT processes and preparing the suitable IT infrastructure for the student information system and ASRP portals web server.

Ahmed Hassan Madian

Ahmed Hassan Madian is the Program Director of Microelectronics system Design Master program and nanoelectronics Integrated system research center (NISC), Nile University and an Electronic Engineering Professor by profession. In addition, he is the elected Secretary of IEEE, Egypt Section and chair of CASS technical Egypt chapter. Also, He is member of the National Radio science committee (NRSC). He is an active member of the ASRP project as one of the responsible team on the validation and verification of performance measurement variables and process control variables. Moreover, he worked in the process of simplifying the research and grant processes. He worked in the design of Research and grant processes. He worked in the validation of thesis registration. He is working in the management of the documents related to research and grant processes.

Rasha Abdelmoneim

Provost office Manager at Nile University, With 20 years of experience in administration, accounting and student affairs she was able to provide general administration and ensuring that the necessary administrative policies, systems, and procedures are in place and are adhered to in order to promote high management quality standards. Abdelmoneim works closely with NU Provost, providing administrative support. She deals directly with all schools, departments, deans offices, and faculty members, answering their inquiries and helping them navigate any problems they may have. she is responsible for developing and executing an integrated communications strategy for the Office of the Provost to promote NU’s academic mission and strategic goals. She oversees communications with the NU’s schools and senior leadership and manages events and large-scale activities organized by the Provost office. She works closely with the provost, supporting financial transactions across all NU academic units. She is also taking part in handling the daily budget and financial transactions, procurement of equipment in the Office of the Provost. She also supports internal and external audit (SCU) activities to ensure auditors are provided with necessary information to complete timely audits. Abdelmoneim has a Bachelor of Commerce, Degree from Ain Shams University in Egypt with a Major "Accounting". She was involved in many ERASMUS+ projects and has a remarkable experience in managing funds.

Wael Akl

Prof. Wael Akl is the Provost and former Dean of the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences at Nile University. Prof. Akl has finished his PhD from the Mechanical Engineering Department, University of Maryland-College Park in 2004 in the field of smart materials and ever since, Dr. Akl has been engaged in research work in the field of smart materials and structures in the past 15 years with over 42 international publications (2005-2018). Prof. Akl is the co-founder of the Group for Advanced Research in Dynamic Systems (Largest research group at Ain Shams University), as well as the founder of the Mechanical Engineering undergraduate and Mechatronics Erasmus Joint Masters programs at Nile University. In 2009, Prof. Akl has received the National Encouragement Prize from the Academy for Scientific Research and Technology (ASRT). In 2013, he has been listed in Marquis Who’s Who for his achievements in the area of Smart Materials and Structures and Acoustic Metamaterials. Prof. Akl has been granted a Research Faculty Fellow and visiting professor at the University of Maryland for 10 years in a row starting 2006. Prof. Akl has been the PI and Co-PI for several research and capacity building grants funded by STDF (Egypt), FP7 (EU) and TEMPUS/ERASMUS+KA2 (EU) addressing academic capacity building systems in Egypt focusing on bridging the gap between academia and industry, vocational education systems, innovative techniques in STEM and Special Needs education and using virtual reality technology and e-learning approaches for the improvement of various academic disciplines. Prof. Akl has established FESTO Authorized and Certified Training Center at Nile University. This is one of a chain of 14 similar centers established by FESTO (Global leader in the field of Mechatronics and Automation). Along his position as the dean of School of Engineering at Nile University, Prof. Akl is a consultant at NAQAAE and among the leading team to develop Egypt’s National Qualifications Framework (NQF). Prof. Akl has been active in research with over 42 published papers, most of which in international journals.The role of Prof. Akl in the ASRP project is defining and developing NU academic processes, follow up on the development of the control system and participate in designing the processes required in WP4 (stakeholders engagement), WP5 (administrative correlation processes), the QA and project management.

Integrated Development Group

Mohamed Salheen

Dr. Mohamed Salheen is the CEO and Founder of Integrated Development Group (IDG CO.)He is the Co founder and director of IUSD in ASU.He is also a Professor of Integrated Planning & Design.

Mohamed Salheen obtained his BSc in Urban Planning and Design in 1993 from Ain Shams University, Cairo. He was appointed as teaching staff at the department and later received a PhD scholarship to obtain his PhD in Urban Design from Edinburgh College of Art, UK. From 2001 until 2014 he acted as an assistant and associate professor at Ain Shams University teaching and supervising multidisciplinary topics.

He was appointmented to be advisor to the minister of scientific research with two ministers on Integrated Development and then with a third minister for strategic planning and international Cooperation. He was also appointed as advisor to the minister of Housing for Development of informal areas supporting National Strategic and Action Plan on that topic and reaching the end of 2020 with complete success. He has been supporting the ministry of Finance since 2009 until now leading the